Green Magic F1


Green Magic is an early-maturing calabrese broccoli that produces tightly-packed heads and lots of side shoots once the main head has been harvested. One of the easiest broccolis to grow, Green Magic is both high yielding and very reliable.

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Germination14 - 21 Days
Sowing MethodStart in Pots / Trays
Days to Maturity90 Days
Seed Count50
Recommended Soil pH6.0-7.0

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One of our favorite early varieties of broccoli, Green Magic features smooth, uniform heads that are mature just in time for summer. The heads are almost blue-green in colour and form a lovely, tighter head than other early varieties. Once the main head is picked, this broccoli will set out yummy side shoots all summer long. Unlike many early varieties Green Magic has superb heat tolerance and won’t bolt at the first sign of summer warmth. It’s also disease resistant and stands up quite well against downy mildew, white rust and other brassica diseases.

Great for fresh use and for processing (freezing, canning, etc.)

Note for organic gardeners: Green Magic f1 seed is pre-treated against soil-borne diseases and not suitable for use in certified organic production.

RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Starting out

Broccoli prefers well-drained soil, ideally with a pH between 6.0-7.5. It performs best in soils high in organic matter.

Starting Indoors: Sow in flats or modules from March until early April at a seed depth of ¼ in. (6 mm.) deep. Cover lightly and firm. Once plants have at least two true leaves transplant into individual pots. Harden off gradually in April or early May for transplanting outdoors.

Direct Seed: For a later crop, direct seed outdoors from early May until the first week in June. In cooler climates (i.e. in the north) you can plant as late as July 1st. Just keep in mind that, although this is a heat resistant variety, it does prefer the cooler weather.

Space rows 91cm (3’) apart and plants 46–61cm (18-24”) apart.

Plant direct
Protect with nettting


Controlling weeds is a key part of ensuring a bumper crop of broccoli. Feel free to use mulch for weed suppression and water retention.

Make sure your plants never run short of water, especially when the first little heads begin to form in the center.

Here in the UK, the wood pigeons love, love, LOVE to eat our brassicas. Make sure you net your plants or you’ll find they beat you to the crop. (Netting also helps protect against the cabbage butterfly.)

Broccoli and other brassicas love their nitrogen. I’ve found it useful to prepare the ground with manure before planting and then work in some blood fish bone later during the growing season. It’s also helpful to a 5-20–20 feed right before the heads form.

While it’s best to grow broccoli and other brassicas soil that has a pH between 6.0-7.5, this variety of broccoli will grow in slightly acidic soil. However if it’s dry or hot in the summer, it can cause the plant to bolt or form brown leaves. If this happens increase the watering. If that fails, you’ll need to improve your soil beforehand with lime.


Harvest central heads when they are fully formed, but not yet past their prime. (A broccoli head is past its prime if the flowers start opening. Try to get to it just before this happens.) When harvesting main heads, cut 5-10 inches down the stalk to encourage side shoot development. Harvest side shoots often, as they encourage the plant to continue producing throughout the growing season.

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