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My Order

If you use outlook, gmail or bt-internet and have enabled safe senders list please check the spam or junk mail folder using the email in the web browser for your order and confirmation emails.

If you have had the wrong item sent, please keep them! :) Drop us an email and we will get the correct item dispatched for you.

If you have an item missing this is normally explained on the invoice. 

Missing Seeds - These items maybe on pre order only and will follow shortly, or fresh packets of seeds are currently being picked and packed any outstanding items will follow shortly.

Missing Pots / Trays - If you have ordered buckets or 2+ trays these will follow via a courier service.

Onions & Garlic - You may have PRE ORDERED these items your order will arrive in two parts.

Please check the product page if any items are not currently in stock your order will be assigned a PRE ORDER status. This also applies to ordering onion sets & garlic out of season.

Depending on the time of year and when deliveries take place your order maybe held to dispatch as one complete order it may arrive in two parts.

Please check our COVID & Delivery Page for more information. Orders may have a small processing delay due to high demand or disruptions in your area.

Ordering Online

This normally happens if you try to pay with debit or credit card. Please scroll back to the payment form and ensure you have entered your post code next to the debit card name and numbers. If this still happens please drop us a message.

Sadly at the moment no. If you have a large enough order or wish to discuss this in further please let us know. There are additional fees for custom paper work.


If you scroll down on the product page you should be able to locate PRODUCT INFORMATION. Here you will find a range of plant specific information as well as how many seeds are provided in a packet.

We have a companion app you can download full of growing information. As well as relevant links found on the product pages (at the very bottom of the page)

Garlic can be pre ordered in advance. Delivery takes place from October - February ONLY. Garlic can be planted October - March.

Red Sun Shallots are delivered end of January. NOT Before. These are spring planting bulbs they require Spring planting.

Eschalote Grise is delivered September - October only.

Shallots can be ordered through the year for delivery the following January. 

Senshyu Yellow, Red Winter Onion sets are delivered September - November. These can be pre ordered in advance.

Snowball Onion sets are delivered November - February. These can be pre ordered in advance.

Sturon & Red Karmen Onion sets are delivered from the end of January for Spring Planting. These can be planted from Feb - April. These can be pre ordered in advance.

Short answer. No. Long answer. Yes.

All of our organic certified seeds are purchased from an organic farm and can be provided with organic batch numbers from the source provider, should you require this information with your order for your own organic farm please feel free to contact us or place a note with your order.

The rest of our seeds are grown to organic standards. However due to the cost involved as well the paper work and red tape coupled with additional inspections we don't believe this to be justified! As mentioned all of our seeds are grown and produced to organic standards but without the correct certification we can not advertise them as such.

If you require further clarification please contact us.


No. We established in 2014. We have regular DEFRA inspections. We are not a scam.

We are aware of similar sites operating under another name or similar domains they have NO CONNECTION with Growseed! We are working with relevant parties to try and remove these sites. 

Yes so have we!

Unhappy customers shout the loudest and sadly during the 2019 pandemic things did not go to plan coupled with staff shortages, a huge surge in demand we took on some un happy customers - however all companies big and small where in the same boat as us! 

We ask customers to leave a review, sadly many do not. We have had over 100,000 customers who are all happy with our product and services.

We reach out to each customer and try to put things right / improve and taken on comments whenever possible. All feedback is welcomed good and bad! If you have a problem please get in touch and let us try to resolve things for you first :) 

No we do not use paper packets. We post seeds out in a plastic / mylar packaging which protects the seed from water or moisture damage as some other factors while we are aware plastic is bad for the environment we have chosen a packing medium that lets gardening and seeds be affordable for all who need them.

Yes, we regularly support schools and charity events that need seeds for different events and projects. If you think we can help you please get in touch. All support is funded through profits raised via Growseed!

Yes! Please get in touch for more information.