Fiesta F1 Organic Broccoli Seed

Fiesta F1

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Fiesta F1 is a consistent and stable producer of large heads on a strong stem. More than capable of producing a 300-400g head.



A fantastic variety of calabrese or broccoli that is suitable for both Summer and Autumn production. The plant will produce large heads between 300g and 400g in weight. This Fiesta F1 is suitable for high density growing throughout the summer months making it easy to produce a large crop in a small space.

From our experience Fiesta F1 is great for long term storage - just blanch and freeze it freezes well without retaining much moisture. Although with good tolerance to our cold UK climate with careful planning it is possible to have a fresh supply at hand all year.

Fiesta F1 Details

Germination Time
7 - 14 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots / Trays
Packet Seed Count
Recommended Soil pH
Yes, Certified Organic

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