Malaga Violet


A quick-growing, easy-to-grow radish with purple skin and crisp, white flesh. Ready to harvest in 4-5 weeks.

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Germination4 - 7 Days
Sowing MethodDirect to Ground
Days to Maturity30 Days
Seed Count1000
Recommended Soil pH6.0-7.0

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Malaga Violet radishes are well loved for their amazing colour—deep violet contrasted with snow-white flesh—and mild, peppery flavour. These roots are particularly crisp yet mild in taste, and will stay firm over a long growing season. Easy to grow, quick to mature, beautiful and great tasting, Malaga Violet radishes are the perfect crop for new and/or young gardeners. It’s also one of the earliest salad crops.

Starting out

Direct Seed: Sow into well-prepared beds as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. The soil should be tilled to a depth of at least 16 cm. Radishes prefer well-drained, moderately rich soil and full sun. Avoid soil that is rich in nitrogen, as this will encourage more leafy growth and less energy will go down to the roots. Sow seeds about 1 cm deep about 15-20 cm apart and cover loosely with soil. Seeds will usually germinate within one week.

Thin out the seedlings as necessary (you can eat the greens as well as the roots).

Sow successively every 20 days or so from February to September for a constant supply.

Plant direct


Radishes prefer regular watering in dry periods to promote rapid root growth. Avoid fertilizers heavy in nitrogen. Once the seedlings reach 4-5 cm tall, keep mulched and well thinned out so the roots have enough space to grow.


Harvest your radishes once a bulb has formed. Spring radishes mature particularly rapidly; so make sure to pull them before they pass their prime and loose their crisp, mild flavour and texture.

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