Raspberry (Cascade Delight) Crowns

Raspberry (Cascade Delight) 12 Canes

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A summer-fruiting, disease-resistant raspberry with an intense, traditional raspberry flavour.



A late-ripening summer raspberry (floricane) that has a remarkable resistance to root rot and an amazing flavour. Highly productive, this variety sports large, firm fruits that have a glossy skin and an excellent shelf life. Because of its resistance to root rot, this particular variety does better in wetter soils than just about any other raspberry on the market.

Raspberries are a perennial plant and will live on in your garden for many, many years, so choose your planting location accordingly. The first year it will produce the new canes; the next year is when you can expect a crop. From then on your raspberry plants will produce new canes each year—ones that will fruit the following year.


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