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Why is my soil Green?

Posted on February 16, 2019 · Posted in Help & Advice

Why is my soil green? One question we are asked the same time every year. Having green forming on the top of your soil is a clear indication you are.. read more

All you need to know about Tomato Seeds

Posted on December 14, 2018 · Posted in Help & Advice, Vegetables

If you want to grow your own tomato to enjoy over the summer, then you first need to decide if you want to grow your own tomatos for: Salads Sauces.. read more

What to do in the December Garden?

Posted on December 7, 2018 · Posted in Allotment Gardening, What to do

Predicting winter weather is as hard aspredicting summer weather in Britain, which makes it difficult to advise on jobs. We’re pretty sure of seeing some hard frosts but those dreaming.. read more

Vegetable Growing Infographics

Posted on November 8, 2018 · Posted in News

Composting Infographic

Posted on October 16, 2018 · Posted in News
8 Free Fertlizers

8 Free Fertlizers

Posted on January 27, 2018 · Posted in Allotment Gardening, Soil

One of the key reasons I think people have and allotment is to save money, and while people hunt for pallets, skip dive or make useful items out of what.. read more

Allotment jobs for January

Allotment jobs for January

Posted on January 18, 2018 · Posted in Allotment Gardening, What to do

My top 10 jobs for January in no particular order. These are just some of the tasks I tend to do to get ready for the rest of the year… read more

Carbon Neutral

Posted on October 1, 2017 · Posted in News

I am very pleased to announce that we are now officially a carbon neutral seed company. I could be wrong but I think we are one of the first if.. read more

Starting an Allotment

Posted on September 29, 2017 · Posted in Allotment Gardening

Between testing new varieties, testing current varieties and having our current land so far away from home I don’t really get a chance to garden for the family as much.. read more

Building and Using a Worm Bin

Building and Using a Worm Bin

Posted on August 25, 2016 · Posted in Project Ideas, Soil

Worms have been recycling organic materials and returning it to the soil as worm compost or vermicomposting for millions of years. Regardless of how much outdoor space you have, setting.. read more