Low Soil PH Problems

Some times gardening can be as simple as planting a few seeds or plug plants and you are rewarded with crops and no problems. Other times you can have serious issues that cause you to give up and never give that crop ago. Here at Growseed we get asked alot about french beans and peas. […]

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How to grow vegetables in Spring

The Best Vegetables to Sow and Plant in Spring

Winter has passed, no more cold, frosty days that interrupts your vegetable planting. Spring is here and as the warmer days arrive there is plenty for you to do to prepare for this year’s harvests. You don’t need a huge garden, an allotment or even a massive space to start planting vegetable seeds in spring! […]

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Growing Vegetables Indoors With DIY LED Grow Lights

There are so many gardeners that start growing vegetables indoors to get ahead of the growing season, germinating some seeds and chitting their seed potatoes. If it’s still frosty outside and you need to start growing indoors with a lack of light, then using grow lights is a great idea! Grow lights can help you […]

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What to do with leftover pumpkins

What to do with Pumpkin Waste

Halloween 2020 is fast approaching, no doubt it’s going to be a little bit different this year! Given current lockdown restrictions and COVID-19. Getting into the spooky spirit might be a little harder than normal. Pumpkin season is nearly here you may have additional pumpkins on your plot. Unable to be carved by grand children, […]

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Corporate Veg Box for Vitality

Corporate Veg Box: Vitality

Vitality reached out to us to see if we could help them with their “Steptember challenge”. During the month of September the goal was to complete as many steps as possible while growing and championing local produce. Selected winners would then receive a custom grow kit that enabled those at home, new and old gardener’s […]

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