Happy Birthday Growseed

They say getting past the first year is tough with the third to follow and the fifth being hardest.

We had a theft earlier this year which resulted in a few thousand plug plants being stolen which has really set us back as a company.

Crop production has also been at an all-time low with health concerns dealing with a family project and an interesting weather pattern this year getting here has been no easy ride. 

Looking back, I’m glad I started Growseed and looking to the future I’m going to like the direction we are heading. 

Growseed 5th Birthday

As our 5thyear was approaching I started to look back and reflect on why the business was started and it made me realise the direction we were heading is not the direction I wanted when I first started Growseed. 

The sole aim of Growseed was to provide the best possible product at the most affordable price, everything is grown, eaten, enjoyed and tested in our own very kitchen if I don’t like the growing methods, the crop yield or the taste I have no interesting selling that variety onto you.

We never lost sight of that and still adhere to them practises today even though our stock range has gone from 40 products to 306 and counting the ethos remains the same. 

In 2017 we became a carbon neutral company we off set all of our carbon produced at home and with the business by planting 1 tree every month. Our footprint is small, but we want to have a big impact. We want to be different. 

In early 2018 I helped introduce a seed for schools’ scheme which has done really well although I’ll happy to report we have helped schools, councils, charity events as well as donated seeds to those who need them on low or no income looking for a way to feed the family!

We still get a large number of requests daily which is more than any small company could have hoped to have achieved but also being family run is very time consuming and daunting. We are a little behind trying to meet demand for the seeds for schools however we are getting there! 🙂

2019 has also seen the launch of our wholesale plant sales something that had performed better than expected.

Looking to the future we hope to introduce a new range of stock, start sourcing new and old varieties of seed from around the world and try to establish them here in the UK.

A big thank you to all our customers new and old! 

Sow. Grow. Enjoy.

Gerry & Growseed Family.