Why is my soil Green?

Why is my soil green? One question we are asked the same time every year. Having green forming on the top of your soil is a clear indication you are watering far too much.

What is the green? It’s algae!

Green algae will thrive in wet or very boggy conditions and having wet soil is one of the number one causes of this forming, it’s relatively harmless to you and the soil and can be cured rather quickly.

This tends to happen over winter or early spring when starting seeds in the greenhouse or polytunnel watering the seeds, with moisture in the air and very little air circulation will contribute and cause green algae growth.

If your currently infected with green soil, stop watering. Allow air to circulate and disturb the soil – as the temprature gets warmer this will become a little bit easier to deal with but during the colder months allow air to circulate and only water when the soil feels dry to touch.

Preventative measures for early spring

  • Ensure you are using a good quality potting soil, either home made or freshly bought from the store. Using old soil maybe contaminated from the previous season.
  • Peat free soil is recommended. If you have to use a peat soil then keep watering to a bare minium.
  • Water lightly and only water once the soi is dry.
  • Regulate air-flow inside the greenhouse or polytunnel keeping the door or window open for an hour each day is enough to keep the air circulated and allow excess moisture to evaporate.

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