What Vegetables Can You Grow Under Lights

Best Vegetables To Grow Indoors Under Lights

Some gardeners miss the early spring sowing because it is too cold outside and frost is still causing problems with soil preperations. The end of the winter breeze is great news, but until your soil is ready you here are some of the best vegetables to grow indoors using grow lights:

Easy Grow Vegetables With Grow Lights


Growing Spinach Under Growlights

Spinach is easy to grow and one of the most nutritional greens you can add to your diet. Sow your Spinach seeds in a pot or plastic bottle and ensure you have a good light source available. Don’t use top-soil from the garden, new potting mix is a much better idea for better results.

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Growing Lettuce Under Growlights

Lettuce is a great vegetable that can be grown under growlights all year. All you have to do is sow your Lettuce seeds into a pot or plastic bottle with potting mix.

You can also save the bottom roots of your store bought lettuce and grow from their. Place the bottom of the lettuce into water and once you see small roots forming plant it into your pot.

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Growing Carrots Under Growlights

Growing carrots is very easy as long as you have the space required. Sowing into large pots or grow bags are essential due to the long roots. Make sure you use potting mix and sustain the carrots with a strong source of light to give your carrots the best possible chance.

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Growing Tomatoes Under Growlights

Growing tomatoes indoors isn’t the easiest, however it is possible with so many varieties available. Sow your tomato seeds into grow bags or pots, getting the best tomatoes requires the perfect daily light source.

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Broad Beans

Growing Broad Bean Under Growlights

You can grow Broad Beans very fast! They grow tall, so a good source of light is essential. Sow your Broad Bean seeds into a pot, using skewers to support the vegetable plant as it grow taller!

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Bell Peppers

Growing Peppers Under Growlights

Bell Peppers are really easy to grow indoors under lights. Use grow bags or plastic bottles to sow the seeds, making sure that they are watered and receive enough light. Harvest your Bell Peppers as soon as they are ready, the more you harvest your plant, the more it will produce peppers.

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Growing Kale Under Growlights

Kale is extrememly easy to grow, adds taste to many different recipes and doesn’t require constant attention every day to grow! Sow your seeds in a pot or grow bag, making sure the soil doesn’t dry out.

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Growing Onions Under Growlights

Onions are added to so many recipes on a daily basis and it’s one of the easiest veggies to grow inside under a grow light. Although you can grow onions from seeds, it is an easier process to grow them from seedlings.

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Growing Radish Under Growlights

Radish can be harvested in less than 5 weeks, being known as one of the fastest growing crops to grow. The strong salad vegetable loves moisture so never let that soil dry out, but you can’t over water! Radish is a great source of vitamin C and potassium.

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Growing Beetroot Under Growlights

Beetroot can be grown directly from seeds after a nights soaking in water to prepare. Once you’ve soaked your Beet seeds, sow them in potting mix, water them and place under a strong LED grow light for the best results!

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Growing Basil Under Growlights

Basil is used in a lot of recipes by chefs around the world and is one of the easiest herbs to grow. You can grow basil seeds in plastic bottles and small pots with a good potting mix.

Growing basil can be achieved directly from seeds or from cuttings of supermarket bought basil to grow in pots.

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Growing Oregano Under Growlights

Requiring a strong light source to get a better harvest, Oregano is one of the most popular mint herb varieties. Oregano can also be grow from cuttings and needs watering when the top surface of soil is dry.

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Growing Thyme Under Growlights

A key ingredient for dishes throughout the world, Thyme is used to season poulty, meat, stews, soups, sauces and dressings. Growing under lights is simple and can be grown from store bought cuttings. Thyme loves sun and needs watering when the soil feels dry to touch. So make sure a strong source of light is available!

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Microgreens are easy to grow vegetables that can be harvested within 30 days. They are easy to grow with many different options to choose from to achieve quick salad varieties in a fraction of the time when growing traditional vegetables.

Growing Microgreens Under Growlights

We have a range of microgreens that can be grown on a windowsill or under DIY grow lights:

  • Red Russian Kale Microgreens
  • Mizuna Microgreens
  • Komatsuna Microgreens
  • Tatsoi Microgreens
  • Red Giant Mustard Microgreens
  • Rocket Lettuce Microgreens
  • Green Wave Mustard Microgreens
  • Beetroot Microgreens
  • Carrot Microgreens
  • Chinese Cabbage Microgreens

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