Kale Seeds

Kale Seeds
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Kale is very hardy and extremely nutritious, kale has seen resurgence in recent years. Kale is a great source of iron and vitamins A, C and E. Plants and will stand on the plot for a long time in winter so you can be sure of a continued supply over winter and early spring. Red Russian Kale is extremely winter hardy and will do well with a late sowing towards the end of autumn, where as curly green kale can be grown and will thrive any time of the year.

Cooking Kale is simple; either boil as you would cabbage or to keep more of the flavour and goodness try stir-frying. Our prefered method of cooking kale is to place in the oven covered in sea salt and bake for 15min, the end effect is similar to crispy seaweed.

Red Ruble


A distinctive dark red colour and iron content that is ten times (10x) higher than other kale...