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Chard or Swiss Chard is super easy to grow from seed. Bright lights chard is easily one of the nicest looking vegetable plants you can grow providing a splash of colour to any garden or allotment, over the winter it provides a smash of colour while everything else is looking dull!

A very versatile vegetable can be used in stir-fries or salads. Makes the perfect spinach substitute or is enjoyed perfectly steamed. Sow from April to late August.

Chard Seeds

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Chard Bright Lights

100 Seeds per packet

Provides plenty of colour in the Winter

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A stunning collection of bright colors, these chard plants were bred especially for beauty and taste.

No need for multiple sowings when growing chard. One plant can provide plenty of tender shoots for many months on end, keep picking and the plant will keep producing. Steam, Boil, Braise this vegetable is very versatile when it comes to cooking.

Sowing chard seeds

Start in trays or modules and transplant once established within the module. Later august or even early sowings are possible although do require some protection when the plant is young. Mature chard plants are frost tolerant and are able to be grown both undercover and outside over winter.