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Netting & Covering

Cover and protect your crops from the elements, pests, or local wildlife our strong bird netting can be used to keep birds away from soft fruit and trees with other products available such as our fleece fabric to protect delicate plants from early and late frosts.

Netting & Coverings to Protect Young Plant Crops

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Garden Fleece

1.6m x 50m

Extra Thick 35gsm

Price £32.95
In stock

Not to be confused with the cheaper 17g fleece that rips easier than a Kleenex tissue. 1.6m x 50m Extra Thick 35gsm

Weed Membrane

Sold in 1m rolls.

1m - 100m & 2m - 100m

Price £19.95
In stock

The ultimate solution for a pristine, weed-free garden with our weed membrane.

Bird Netting

Protect fruit, ponds & flu!

Widths 1m - 12m

Price £4.75
In stock

Keep wild birds away from fruit, ponds or your chickens! Helps prevent the spread of bird flu!

Ground Pegs

U shape pegs

Pack of 20

Price £2.99
In stock

Pack of 20 'U' shape ground pegs.

Cloche Curves

Sold as single units

1m x 40cm wide

Price £4.99
Stock due mid Dec

1m high by approx 40cm wide at base. Priced PER section. No cover is provided.

Insect Netting

2m x 10m

65gsm / fine netting

Price £21.95
In stock

2m x 10m fine woven insect netting

Enhance your garden's productivity and aesthetics with our range of essential gardening solutions. Our garden netting offers optimal plant support, protecting delicate stems and aiding vertical growth.

Combine it with our fleece for effective frost protection, ensuring your plants thrive in varying weather conditions.

To keep unwanted weeds at bay and maintain a tidy garden, our weed membrane provides a durable barrier, saving you time and effort. Achieve a flourishing garden while maintaining a hassle-free, low-maintenance environment with our versatile gardening products.

Optimize growth and nurture your plants with our gardening netting and covering products.