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Here at Growseed we are all about quality and value for money. That in mind we are pleased to offer you our range of seed trays and pots. 

Grow your purchased seed with the help of our seed potting trays, or small seed pots. With a range of products to help you get your growing season off to the best possible start.

Seed trays

Great for drainage or for multi sown seedlings where being delicate is not important using a seed tray you can grow upto 4 times as many leeks in the same space, the same applies for spring onions, beetroot or make a great cut and come again crop tray for microgreens or salad leaves.

Root trainers 

Are perfect for getting your broad beans, sunflowers, french beans and sweetcorn established with a long deep sell to promote strong plant growth once your plant has established open the pot and remove the plug plant and transplant in a hole created using a dibber it could not be simpler!

Small plant pots

Or seedling pots are great for delicate crops where you may wish to take some care in getting the plant established and grown without damaging the root or shocking the plant. We suggest these seedling pots are best use for courgettes, marrow, sweetcorn, cucumbers and anything else where you want to control the seed count per pot.


Our half tray propagators come with a lid to help keep moisture and heat focused on the soil these can be used with any crop however we recommend our propagators for tomato, peppers, chilli peppers, aubergines and cucumbers in fact anything you grow in a greenhouse you might want to start here.

30ltr Potato tubs

Fancy growing your potatoes in pots? Our 30ltr pots are ideal small enough not to take up much space but large enough to get 2-4 seed potatoes per tub to ensure a great supply. Just keep them watered during growth require a little bit more maintenance than planting directly to the ground but much easier to harvest!

Once your plants are established why not take a look at our planting pots to move the pots to the next stage of growth.


  • Propagators
    <p>Starting plants has never been easier. We offer both heated and non-heated propagators. IF you want to start your tomato, peppers, and aubergines early (around December) we recommend a heated propagator to get them started. While the non-heated version is versatile enough for a range of crops. Can be used with a greenhouse or polytunnel to create a small micro climate away from the cold!</p>
  • Half & Full Trays
    <p>Affordable and re-usable planting trays come in a range of sizes. Half, Full and Grow Bag size. Holes or no holes! Ideal for planting and preparing. Two half trays will fit inside a full tray, while three full trays will sit on a half tray. Perfect to mix and match to create the perfect watering or growing platform.</p>
  • Root Trainers
    <p>Provide the perfect start to your young vegetable or flower plants. Our root trainers come in a range of shapes and sizes designed to encourage growth and healthy root systems. Easy to open and remove the plug plant with little to no disturbance to the root structure.</p>
  • Planting Tubs
    <p>Our famous 30ltr potato bucket now has some bigger brothers! A wide range of large double-handed tubs ideal for planting a range of crops at home or the allotment. Frame from strong plastic and double carry handles these tubs are built to last.</p>
  • Pots
    <p>Only pots! No pans! We offer a range of small 6cm to larger plastic pots for planting and potting crops for further development or to the final pot to fruit. Square or round we have you covered. Our unique tea-bag style potted system is also inlcuded.</p>
  • Netting & Covering
    <p>Cover and protect your crops from the elements, pests, or local wildlife our strong bird netting can be used to keep birds away from soft fruit and trees with other products available such as our fleece fabric to protect delicate plants from early and late frosts.<br /><br /></p>
  • Planting Aids
    <p>String, Markers, Tools &amp; More. Everything you need and even things you never thought you needed are included.</p>
  • Fertilizers
    <p>Coming Soon!</p> <p></p> <p>Our own range of blended liquid and granular feeds from Growfeed. We have selected a range of products that are well known and not so well known to offer a range of versatile feeding options for growing all year round. Everything you need to maintain a healthy crop and growing environment for fruit and vegetables alike!</p>

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