Microgreen Seeds

Grow your own Microgreens at home. Grow Microgreens all year!
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Second to sprouting seeds (Alfalfa, Mung Bean or any seed that is germinated in water) microgreens are the quickest food crop you can grow and grow all year. Space is not a factor and has become a firm favourite with urban gardener’s in the USA.

If you have limited, time, space or just new to gardening microgreens are the answer for you can be grown on a choir mat or very little soil you can utilise the windowsill at home to become a productive garden. Harvested in as little as 28 days they are a fast nutrient-dense crop.

Our all green salad mix is the perfect combination for any dish, enjoyed in a salad or on its own it’s one our tastier creations. Looking for something a bit spicy try our spice mix packed with mustard and other grate tasting veggies to spice up any dish.

Why not try your own variety by picking a few of our single packs and create your own great flavour combinations at home?

Large Microgreen Kit

9 x Seed Packets

Eco Friendly Tray & Medium


Large microgreen seed tray, 3 coir mats and 9 packets of microgreen seed. Oh the tray is made...

Microgreen Seed Kit

A must for microgreen lovers

Complete packet of mixed micros!


Ready to harvest within 30 days, can be grown on any window sill on any growing medium. High...

All Green Mix

25g. Sweet, refreshing greens.


Mix includes Mizuna, Komatsuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale. Aprox 10,000...

Spicy Mix

25g. Strong peppery taste.


Mix includes Salad Rocket, Red Giant Mustard, Green Wave Mustard and Mizuna. Aprox 10,000...