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Cover Crops

Our variety of cover crop seeds also known as "green manure" aids in nitrogen fixation, preventing erosion, suppressing weeds, serving as green manure, addressing soil compaction, and fostering a robust community of beneficial insects and pollinators for a thriving ecosystem.

Green manures, also known as cover crops, are specific plant species that are grown and then incorporated back into the soil while they are still green and actively growing. Their primary purpose is to improve soil fertility, structure, and overall health.

Growseed have selected seed that thrives on a non-commercial level perfect for home growers and allotments alike, our selection will also work well on a market garden however a greater quantity of seed may be required, please contact us for more information.

Cover crop seed to help fix nitrogen levels, soil compaction and more

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Cover Crop Green Mix

250g - 5Kg

Price £2.50
In stock

A rapidly establishing, high biomass, mix for ground cover and nitrogen fixation. Comprising 60% Rye, 30% Vetch, and 10% Mustard

Cover Crop PreCob Mix

250g - 1Kg

Price £3.50
In stock

A mix developed to precede a Maize or Sweetcorn crop, which reduces compaction, fixes nitrogen and adds biomass Contains 70% Rye, 15% Vetch, 10% Tillage Radish and 5% Phacelia