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Cover Crop PreCob Mix
  • Cover Crop PreCob Mix

Cover Crop PreCob Mix

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A mix developed to precede a Maize or Sweetcorn crop, which reduces compaction, fixes nitrogen and adds biomass Contains 70% Rye, 15% Vetch, 10% Tillage Radish and 5% Phacelia

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Cover Crop PreCob Mix Seed

This blend is specifically formulated to precede a Maize or Sweetcorn crop, offering advantages such as compaction reduction, nitrogen fixation, and biomass addition to the soil. Comprising 70% Rye, 15% Vetch, 10% Tillage Radish, and 5% Phacelia, this mix is strategically designed to optimize the soil for subsequent planting.

Improved Soil Structure

The presence of Rye in the mix, constituting the majority at 70%, facilitates the mitigation of soil compaction issues. Rye's robust root system helps break up compacted soil, enhancing its structure and porosity.

Nitrogen Enrichment

Vetch, making up 15% of the blend, is a leguminous plant known for its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen with the aid of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in its roots. This nitrogen fixation process enriches the soil with this vital nutrient, benefiting the following Maize or Sweetcorn crop.

Biomass Addition

The mix includes Tillage Radish, contributing 10% to the blend. Tillage Radish has a notable capacity for producing biomass, enriching the soil with organic matter as it decomposes. This organic matter improves soil health and fertility.

Biodiversity and Pest Control

The addition of 5% Phacelia enhances the ecological diversity of the planting. Phacelia is known to attract beneficial insects, aiding in natural pest control and promoting a balanced ecosystem within the growing environment.

Seasonal Versatility

This blend offers the flexibility of sowing during different seasons—spring, summer, or early autumn—allowing optimal timing based on the crop rotation plan and regional climate considerations.

Sowing Rate Efficiency

The recommended sowing rate of 20 kg/acre (equivalent to 5 grams/square meter) is carefully calibrated to strike a balance between efficient ground coverage and optimal growth. Adequate planting density ensures the desired benefits without overcrowding.

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