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Fennel Seeds

Closely resembling a carrot Fennel is easy to grow in the UK tolerating the colder climates I would say it tastes much nicer after first frost much in the way Parsnip does!

Can be sown directly into the ground as they dislike root disturbance earlier sowings we would recommend sowing in modules and handle with care when transplanting.

Fennel requires full sun and plenty of water during the summer months or bolting is very likely to happen. Fear not should your plant bolt the main bulb is still edible even if the plant has started to go to seed.

Fennel Tip: Pre-Soak the seeds 48hrs before planting to aid in germination, regardless if you are sowing direct to ground or in modules.

Fennel Seeds to Grow

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200 Seeds per packet

Bolt resistance, high crop yields.

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A fantastic bulbing heirloom fennel with a strong anise flavour, high yields, and bolt resistance.