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Nothing in the garden requires more patience than Asparagus. Often planted as bare root crowns, the typical time for harvest from newly planted asparagus crowns is three (3) years! Before you can take the first bumper harvest.

Despite the long-time frame, it is much quicker than trying to grow from seed. That said the reward of home-grown asparagus grown from seed, is much more enjoyable and at a much more affordable cost than the average crown.

Asparagus Seeds

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Jersey Knight F1

10 Seeds per packet

Allow 3 years before harvest

Price £1.50
Out of stock
Out of stock

Bred for high yields, this high-performing asparagus will yield numerous high-quality spears for up to 20 years. Disease resistant and does well in the UK.

Connover's Colossal

300 seeds per packet

Allow 3 years before harvest

Price £1.25
In stock

Produced a good crop of fairly thick spears. Once cropping has stopped tall stems develop with airy, feathery foliage which are popular in flower displays.

Asparagus Pea

100 Seeds per packet

Harvest when no longer than 3cm

Price £1.25
In stock

An unusual low-growing plant which produces attractive red flowers followed by angular pods which should be picked small - no longer then 3cm

Start today and be rewarded with your first harvest in 3 years. All the good things come to those who wait! Asparagus has a rather long growing time frame from seed. Once sown regular transplanting is required for the first 12 months before we finally recommend planting into it's final growing position.

In year two avoid picking any spears let the plant, crop, seed and cut back once the spears have gone woody. Year 3 take 10-20% of the first crop harvest now you can start enjoying this crop after all this time! From year 4 onwards you can harvest the full crop, younger shoots are often more tender and sweeter.

From this point onwards you will be rewarded for the next 15-20 years with a regular harvest of Asparagus soots, all grown from seed!