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A question we have started to see come up and time and time again is why we offer 1000 carrot seeds or 500 lettuce seed seeds or 500 beetroot seeds, when some suppliers offer 200 or 50 of a particular seed variety.

Our seed packets are packed for convivence and at a fair pricing point.

If we start to compare some varieties and the number of seeds offered, you can see why our packets contain as many seeds as they do

1000 Carrot Seed

Around 2000 carrot seeds will fit on a single teaspoon! That’s 2000!!! Carrots are small seeds and for some can be difficult to handle or to space out, we provide 1000 seeds as this helps:

  • Spread and sow the seeds in a longer / wider area
  • Allows easier thinning
  • Produces a larger crop

Sure, you could buy a packet of 200 seeds but by the time you sow that line perfectly, allow for seed loss, pick and pinch out any carrots that may be too small or lose some to pests (slugs and carrot fly) that 200 may end up being half that amount or less!

Our packets of 1000 seeds cost as little as 99p compared to a packet of 200 seeds costing 39p to buy 1000 seeds from that same supplier would cost you £1.95 almost the same price as buying 2000 seeds from Growseed.

500 Beetroot Seed

Unlike carrot seeds, beetroot seeds are a little easier to handle you can pick them up and sow them in the ground while maintaining a good spacing.

You can multi-sow beetroot in fact if you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse you can pretty much keep sowing beetroot all year round! Beetroot also has 13 common pests as well as having some issues with bolting in the summer months.

Purchasing a smaller packet of seeds may seem like a good idea but unless you can guarantee having zero problems or to purchase a bolt-resistant variety it may not seem that cost-effective either.

Beetroot can also become very woody due to stress or if left in the ground long enough, meaning if you miss the harvest window you may not have a great crop.

All of that said however you don’t have to grow beetroot for the root! The leaves make an excellent salad, work very well in a stir-fry or can be used as an alternative to spinach.

500 seeds can be purchased from Growseed for 99p you can purchase 50 seeds from alternative sources from 39p to buy 500 seeds from that one supplier will cost a staggering £3.90!

500 Lettuce Seeds

While lettuce seeds are small and can be sown evenly and easily in trays or direct to the ground 500 seeds from Growseed may seem like an excessive number of seeds given you can only eat so much lettuce at any one time.

We provide a minimum of 500 seeds in a packet to ensure success against crop failure and pests. Sowing 10-20 lettuce seeds at a time allows you to harvest the crop from a younger age right the way to maturity, not just that but you can continue sowing all spring and summer long to ensure a healthy and fresh supply of lettuce.

Come later on in the year any seed you have left can be sown in a tray to produce a baby crop or micro lettuce leaves you can cut back and harvest from around 2 inches tall, leave enough of the plant in the tray and it will re-grow for another cutting.

Given a lettuce will last only 7-10 days in a fridge and 14 days in the ground before it starts to mature and bolt to seed having the ability to keep sowing and growing lettuce to ensure a fresh supply makes perfect sense.

That’s why our lettuce seeds come in packs of 500 or more! Compare that to purchasing a pack of 50 seeds for 29p it’s easy to see the value in a single packet from Growseed to ensure a fresh supply of lettuce all year round for 99p vs spending £2.90 from another source.

Other seeds

The same applies to other seeds in our range there is a reason for providing so many seeds in a packet it’s not for ease of packing, neither a larger profit margin for us nor a waste of seed for you!

200 pea seeds may seem like an awful lot of peas to sow and grow but just look on Twitter every autumn, winter, and spring to see how many get eaten by mice, pigeons or rats!

It’s for you to get the most out of the garden. Ensure you get value for money and offer the opportunity to get crops established and growing all year round.

Many gardeners look at winter as being a quiet and unproductive time in the garden however with some planning ahead of time and making use of the additional cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower seeds there is no reason you can’t be producing a healthy crop in even the darkest of months!

Keeping seed for next year

Any leftover seed can be used the following year meaning your gardening costs next year will be even lower.

Store any seed away from direct sunlight and keep away from moisture or sudden temperature spikes! This should ensure the seed survives a minimum of 12 months with little to no loss in germination.

Buying vegetable seed from Growseed

When choosing Growseed or any other supplier when it comes to seed packets it is worth noting that a % of your sown seeds will be lost to:

  • Stress
  • Pests & Disease
  • Poor Sowing / Growing Conditions
  • % lost to germination

Make allowances for these losses and gardening can become much more affordable and enjoyable.