Pea Seeds

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Nothing can beat freshly picked peas! A pea's full flavor and freshness can only be experienced when you grow your own. Just make sure you use them quickly once picked, as they tend to lose some flavor if left sitting around. Some support is required when growing pea plants (unless growing a dwarf pea variety).

Our personal favorites and easiest to grow are the sugar snap varieties.

Oregon Sugar Pod

200 Seeds per packet

Classic mangetout pea


This easy to grow, non-climbing, snow pea is a prolific producer of stringless, edible pods...

Sugar Snap

200 Seeds per packet

Edible pods. Super sweet pea


A wonderfully sweet, easy to grow pea with edible pods, Sugar Snap peas will full-sized peas...


200 Seeds per packet

Heavy cropper. Sweet peas!


A petite, super-sweet, early pea, Waverex peas are a popular UK heirloom and a heavy cropper....

Douce Provence

200 Seeds per packet

Grow all year. No supports needed


An old, well-loved variety, Douce Proven peas are a petite, bushing, winter-hardy favorite...

Over wintering peas

Start sowing peas in August to enjoy a fresh crop of peas over winter and early spring - some protection is required from frost so we recommend sowing and growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel.  Peas can be sown and grown outside from early Spring to late Autumn a perfect crop with regular sowing that can provide a long growing season.

How to grow peas from seed

To grow peas from seed, sow the seeds in two parallel lines about 10cm apart. Water well and label each row as you go along to avoid confusion later on (this is important if you are multi-sowing different pea varieties) . In one or two weeks your pea plants should appear!

If your peas do now being to show after this time, its recommend to start them in trays or modules as no doubt your pea seeds have been taken eaten by a pest! This is can be very typical during the start of spring.

See our pea grow guide for complete growing instructions

Why grow peas from seed

- You can plant more seeds in a smaller space.

- Peas grow well with organic matter and don't need much care.

- Peas are high in protein.

- They're easy to grow and maintain.