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Onward Pea Seeds
  • Onward Pea Seeds


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Pea 'Onward' is a highly popular dwarf variety known for its large, tasty peas and prolific yield. Suitable for the UK climate, it produces dark green pods packed with 6-8 peas each.


    Pisum sativum


    80 Days



  • Plant Size

    Height Up To 90cm (35.4in) Spread Up To 25cm (9.8in)

  • Hardiness & Longevity

    Hardy Annual

  • Ideal For

    Garden & Allotments

  • Position In

    Full Sun


Onward Pod Pea Seeds

Discover the timeless charm of the 'Onward' pea, a high-yielding dwarf variety perfectly suited to the UK climate. Renowned for its exceptional productivity and disease resistance, 'Onward' is a mainstay in both home and commercial gardens.

Each plant proudly bears masses of blunt, dark green pods, each filled with 6-8 large, flavorsome peas. This well-established variety grows to a modest height of 60-75cm and requires minimal support, making it an ideal choice for gardeners with limited space.

'Onward' peas boast a superb taste that is best enjoyed when harvested young and cooked within 30 minutes to retain their natural sweetness.

Resistant to Fusarium Wilt and holding the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, 'Onward' is also recommended for deep freezing, ensuring you can enjoy its delightful flavor all year round.

Perfect for successional sowing, follow 'Douce Provence' and 'Kelvedon Wonder' with 'Onward' for a continuous crop of fresh, delicious peas.

Common Questions

When is the Best Time to Harvest Pea 'Onward'? Harvest 'Onward' peas when the pods are well-filled but still young, ideally within 30 minutes of picking to enjoy the sweetest flavor, before the sugars turn to starch.

How Tall Do Pea 'Onward' Plants Grow? Onward' pea plants typically grow to a height of 60-75cm. Despite being a dwarf variety, they may require some support as they mature.

Can Pea 'Onward' Be Grown in Succession with Other Varieties? Yes, for a continuous crop of peas, sow 'Douce Provence' and 'Kelvedon Wonder' before planting 'Onward'. This successional sowing ensures a steady supply of fresh peas throughout the growing season.

Product Features

Germination Time
7 - 10 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots or Trays
Days to Maturity
75 - 95 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Overwinter Crop
Number of Seeds Per Packet
Recommended Soil pH
5.0 - 7.0


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