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Leek Seeds

Unlock the simplicity of nurturing leek seeds in your garden! While leeks are a breeze to cultivate, they do require a bit of tender loving care to flourish to their full potential. To achieve optimal results with your leek seeds, we recommend starting your journey by sowing them in containers or modules. Once the leek stems have achieved a robustness akin to a pencil's girth, it's time to transfer them to their ultimate growing location.

Elevate your gardening prowess and reap the bountiful rewards of your dedicated leek cultivation. Explore the world of leek seeds with us and embark on a rewarding gardening adventure!

Growing Leek from Seeds

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Giant Winter

300 Seeds per packet

Will thrive in any part of the UK, best over Winter

Price £1.10
In stock

A late season, exhibition-quality variety. This traditional British leek is one of the hardiest on the market—it will put up with just about anything winter can throw at it.


300 Seeds per packet

Grow and sow all year round

Price £0.99
In stock

A large, reliable Scottish heirloom that has been around since 1883. Exceptionally hardy with an excellent flavour and a tender texture. Perfect for colder climates.

Below Zero F1

20 Seeds per packet

Bolt, Cold & Rust resistant. Very hardy.

Price £1.50
Out of stock
Out of stock

A British hybrid that is both vigourous and extremely cold tolerant.

Blue Solaise

100 Seeds per packet

Colour improves over Winter

Price £0.99
In stock

A very hardy fresh leek with deep blue / green leaves.