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Dig for Victory

With the events of 2020 so far and the recent media coverage, dig for victory has started to see a resurgence. The dig for victory campaign was established during WW2 Men and women across the country were encouraged to grow their own food in times of harsh rationing.

Growing your own food can be rewarding not only from enjoying a great tasting vegetable that is fresher than anything else found in the supermarket but it also helps the mind keep busy, active and healthily.

Here at Growseed we have put together 3 kits for you to choose from these include:

Allotment seed kit which contains at least 30 packets of seeds from root vegetables to salad mixes there is plenty here to grow and feed you all year long!

Microgreens can be grown just about anywhere within 30 days you can enjoy a nice side dressing or small salad which is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Fresh Salad mix, from baby leaf lettuces that can be enjoyed from 30 days to full blown ice burg lettuces, radishes and spinach.

Dig for Victory - Everything to grow at home

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Allotment Seed Kit

Everything you need to start growing your own

Price £28.95
In stock

30 packets of seeds designed to grow at home or the allotment. Our complete Dig for Victory kit contains everything from carrots to salads! 

30 - 60 Day Crop Kit

Quick sowing and harvest crops

Price £9.45
In stock

Enjoy fresh salads and greens in as little as 28 days. Our complete baby leaf, spinach and radish kit can provide quick fresh greens in a time of need.

Microgreen Seed Kit

Start harvesting greens in under 40 days

Price £19.95
In stock

Ready to harvest within 30 days, can be grown on any window sill on any growing medium. High in nutrients, vitamins and minerals everything you need to keep you fighting fit.