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Allotment Seed Kit
  • Allotment Seed Kit

Allotment Seed Kit

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30 packets of seeds designed to grow at home or the allotment. Our complete Dig for Victory kit contains everything from carrots to salads! 



The ultimate allotment seed collection. Our allotment seed kit offers a wide range of vegetables suitable for any garden or allotment, raised beds, buckets or direct to ground. Experienced or beginner this kit has everything you need to enjoy a harvest all year.

Introduced by request and popular demand our allotment seed kit has been created for the resurgence of the dig for victory campaign during the difficult times we are all facing at the moment.

If you want to start growing your own food due to panic buying or lack of vegetables during the current 2020 COVID-19 crisis or should you wish to limit your footprint on the environment and only eat in season vegetables. Or perhaps you just want to grow your own and not have your carrots wrapped in plastic then we have what you need.

Our complete allotment seed kit includes the following:

Beetroot Boltardy (500 seeds)
Brussel Sprouts Crispus F1 (10 seeds)
Carrots Autumn Kind 2 (1000 Seeds)
Carrots Chantenay Red Core 2 (1000 seeds)
Cauliflower Snowball (200 seeds)
Cabbage Golden Acre (500 seeds)
Cabbage Wheelers Imperial (200 seeds)
Chard Bright Lights (100 seeds)
Courgette Jemmer F1 (10 seeds)
Cucumber Marketmore (10 seeds) – can be grown outdoors no greenhouse required
French Bean Cobra Climbing (75 seeds)
French Bean Sprite Dwarf (75 seeds)
French Bean Barlotto (40 seeds)
Leek Musselburgh (300 seeds)
Lettuce Marvel 4 Seasons (500 seeds)
Lettuce Mixed (900 seeds)
Onion Spring Onion (600 seeds)
Onion Bedfordshire Champion (300 seeds)
Parsnip Tender & True (800 seeds)
Pea Sugar Pod. (200 seeds)
Pea Douce Province (200 seeds)
Radish Sparkler (500 seeds)
Runner Bean Butler (50 seeds)
Runner Bean Enroma (50 seeds)
Spinach Viroflay (250 seeds)
Squash Butternut (10 seeds)
Sweetcorn Swift F1 (25 seeds)
Swede Ruby (500 Seeds)
Tomato Tumbling Tom (10 seeds) - can be grown outdoors no greenhouse required
Turnip Snowball (500 seeds)

Contents may vary depending on stock, demand and availability

Please note that seeds maybe replaced depending on stock levels and availability. All seeds are sealed in a plastic / foil based packaging as long as you keep these away from direct sunlight and sudden temperature changes seed viability will remain for at least 12-18months.

After that germination is expected to drop between 10-20% yearly depending on conditions. Ideal long term storage is 2c.


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