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Patio Gardening

Naturally compact vegetables such as radish, turnip, rocket, many herbs, beetroot, spinach, microgreens, and salad onions suit growing in containers where space is at a premium. In addition to these crops, our trail and error growing tests and recent plant breeding have resulted in a selection of high-quality vegetable varieties especially suited to these confined areas.

The seeds below have been selected because they are perfect for small space gardening not to mention offer a little more choice allowing you to have a varied garden in a confined space. From a small window box, garden patio or even a balcony! Providing you water and offer sufficient light you should see a good production of high-quality crops.

Microgreen Seed Kit

A must for microgreen lovers

Complete packet of mixed micros!


Ready to harvest within 30 days, can be grown on any window sill on any growing medium. High...

Apache F1

5 Seeds per packet

Very Hot 70,000 – 80,000 SHU


One of the easiest hot peppers to grow, the Apache F1 pepper is an attractive, compact plant...


300 Seeds per packet

Grow and sow all year.


A large, reliable Scottish heirloom that has been around since 1883. Exceptionally hardy with...

Chantenay 2 Red Cored

1000 Seeds per packet

Perfect for poor soil. Grow all year.


Great for juicing or eating fresh, and especially fantastic as a baby carrot. A great...

Robin Hood

50 Seeds per packet

Winter & Spring sowings


 A new twist on an age-old staple, Robin Hood broad beans are a wonderfully compact dwarf fava...


500 Seeds per packet

Sow & Grow all year


Beautiful, edible flowers and a light oniony flavour make chives a must for every kitchen...


1000 Seeds per packet

Grow all year round


A quick-maturing salad green that literally “rockets” up from your soil. Adds a...

Pot Black

10 Seeds per packet

Hot 30,000 – 50,000 SHU


A gorgeous, compact medium-hot chili whose beauty makes it just as much an ornamental as a...

Tiny Tim

30 Seeds per packet

Pots & Small Spaces


A compact tomato variety that thrives in pots, great for growing if space is a premium....