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Harvst Greenhouses

Growseed is pleased to offer Harvst greenhouses, one of the most advanced growing systems made available for the home gardener. Combined with automated watering systems, built-in lighting you really now can grow all year round in the comfort of your own garden. 

Harvst Greenhouses, grow all year round. Solar Powdered with LED lighting

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S8 Greenhouse

Price £969.99
Delivery End November 2023

A compact mini greenhouse with an impressive capacity. Cultivate plants year-round in the S8 mini greenhouse, equipped with climate control for optimal growth.

S16 Greenhouse

Price £1,259.99
Delivery End November 2023

The ultimate growth solution, occupying only as much space as a bench. Cultivate and nurture your plants year-round with the climate-controlled S16 at your disposal.

Removing the need for larger traditional greenhouses Harvst allows the grower to grow intensively in spaces only imaginable previously. The aid of self-watering and lighting allows even the most experience grower a day off from caring for the crop.

Don't be fooled thinking the space is limited for herbs and salads alone each greenhouse is capable of producing and starting all seeds Growseed has to offer as well as larger models providing enough room for plants to develop and mature including peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and more!