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Brussels Sprout Seeds

Ideal for growing in the UK (they prefer cooler temperatures), Brussel Sprouts from your garden taste much better than shop-bought varieties.

Brussels Sprout Seeds

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Crispus F1

10 Seeds per packet

Price £1.25
In stock

Crispus Brussels Sprouts are an early to mid-season hybrid that is both tasty and club root resistant. It’s an excellent grower in just about any circumstance and will delight you with a high yield of tasty sprouts that hold up well on the stalks.

Red Ball

100 Seeds per packet

Price £0.99
In stock

Red Ball brussels are a unique, rich flavoured sprout which offers a nutty taste that chefs around the world appreciate. The plant is not hard to grow and they offer a red tint to your garden that you can enjoy in various dishes once it is time to harvest!

Evesham Special

200 Seeds

Old English Heritage variety

Price £0.99
In stock

Discover the robust and flavorful Brussels Sprout Evesham Special, a celebrated UK-bred variety perfect for gardeners and allotment enthusiasts.

Not as hard to grow from seed as you would imagine. Brussel Sprouts require a very long growing season, check out our last frost guide for a bit more detailed information for your area as the best sowing time is around 4 weeks before your last frost date.

Lightly mashed with butter, topped with sea salt and roasted for 15min who can say they don't like brussel sprouts?

Sowing Brussel Sprouts

Start in trays 4 weeks before the last frost date. Once established and all risk of frost has passed plant out into the garden. They take up very little space, can be grown in the ground or pots, and the space around the stem can be used for summer lettuce!

Need some more help? Check our brussel sprout grow guide