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Watering Equipment

Transform your allotment or backyard into a lush, thriving oasis with our selection of innovative tools and pots designed to revolutionize your approach to water management. At the heart of every flourishing garden is efficient water distribution, and our collection of gardening essentials is your key to success.

Elevate Your Gardening Game with Water Management Tools and Pots

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Halo Watering Rings

Sold in 3s, 6s or 12s
Easy watering system

Price £14.95
In stock

Easy watering for all greenhouse crops. Very popular with tomatoes helps reduce the risk of blight by eliminating the risk of water splashing on the leafs.

Capillary Matting

Width options: 0.6m or 1m wide

Length options: 2.5m - 50m rolls

Price £0.00
Out of stock
Out of stock

Introducing Aquamat Capillary Matting: Your Garden's Hydration Solution. Width options: 0.6m, or 1m wide

Innovative Watering Pots: Our collection of watering pots goes beyond the ordinary. From self-watering pots with built-in reservoirs to stylish, functional watering cans, you'll find the perfect vessels to nourish your plants while enhancing your garden's aesthetic.

Hassle-Free Irrigation: Take the guesswork out of watering with our automated irrigation systems. These easy-to-install systems are designed to keep your garden consistently hydrated, ensuring your plants receive the moisture they need, even when you're away.