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Capillary Matting
  • Capillary Matting

Capillary Matting

Introducing Aquamat Capillary Matting: Your Garden's Hydration Solution. Width options: 0.6m, or 1m wide

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Capillary Matting

Introducing Aquamat Capillary Matting: Your Garden's Hydration Solution. AquaMat Capillary Matting is very easy to lay. Its flexibility makes it easy to move, cut and overlap


Available in lengths of 2.5m, 5m, 10m, 30m, or 50m rolls

Width options: 0.6m, or 1m wide

Dual-sided: Green on one side, white on the other (colors may vary)

Field capacity: 3.6L Crafted from recycled viscose polyester

Discover the power of Aquamat capillary matting – a top-tier solution for efficient and even water distribution across flat surfaces. Perfect for effortlessly hydrating numerous plants while creating an ideal humid atmosphere.

Trusted by landscapers, garden centers, and indoor gardeners alike, Aquamat is a versatile choice for greenhouses and indoor plant care.

How to Use:

Place the mat at the base of your garden tray.

Position your plant pots or seed trays on top.

Soak the matting until thoroughly saturated.

Plants absorb water through pot drainage holes as needed.

Why Aquamat?

Easily cleaned and sterilized via steam cleaning.

Compatible with various algicides. Reversible for multiple seasons of use.

User-friendly flexibility during installation.

Composed of 14 fine layers, acting as a water reservoir for uniform distribution.

Robust capillary rise eliminates dry spots.

Consistent water supply, even on sloping or uneven surfaces.

Excellent wet and dry performance – contracts when dry, expands when wet. Root protection – roots touch the surface for their hydration needs.

Opt for Aquamat and witness your garden thrive with unparalleled hydration efficiency


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