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Halo Watering Rings
  • Halo Watering Rings

Halo Watering Rings

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Easy watering for all greenhouse crops. Very popular with tomatoes helps reduce the risk of blight by eliminating the risk of water splashing on the leafs.

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Halo Watering Rings

Elevate Your Tomato Growing Game with our Halo Watering Rings

Are you a passionate tomato grower seeking the perfect companion for your gardening journey? Look no further! Our Halo Watering Rings are tailor-made for tomato enthusiasts and all green-thumb connoisseurs.

Tailored for Tomatoes, Loved by All: These watering rings are a go-to choice for crops like Tomatoes, Peppers, and Beans. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, our Halo Rings have got you covered for easy water management.

Versatile & Adaptable: No matter your preferred gardening setup, our rings are ready to serve. They can be effortlessly used with grow bags, pots (with a diameter of 26cm and above), raised beds, and vegetable plots. These rings offer the ultimate flexibility for back garden growers to allotment holders.

The Central Planting Advantage: When paired with grow bags, the central planting area comes to the rescue. It creates a deeper planting zone, nurturing healthier plants and ensuring they reach their full potential. Your tomatoes will thank you for it!

Root-Boosting Water Delivery: With a 3-liter outer 'moat' featuring six precisely positioned watering spikes, your plants get the royal treatment. Water and liquid feed are delivered directly to the roots at a gentle, absorbable pace. No more overwatering; just thriving, happy plants.

Time-Efficient & Effective: Our watering rings are designed to make your life easier. Typically taking between 3 to 6 hours to fully drain the water reservoir, you'll have more time to enjoy your garden while your tomatoes soak up the goodness. Makes it perfect for hot sunny days!

Climbing Capabilities: But that's not all! We've added a unique cane support system, complete with slots surrounding the inner pot. You can easily insert your canes (not included), and the cane grip cap allows for up to 4 canes to be joined at the top, creating a sturdy climbing structure for those towering tomato plants.

Dimensions That Deliver: With a generous 29cm diameter and a height of 13cm (plus an extra 3cm for the watering spikes), our Halo Watering Rings are the perfect addition to your tomato-growing arsenal.

It's time to take your tomato-growing to the next level. Don't just grow tomatoes; nurture them with the care they deserve. Happy growing!


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