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Squash Seeds

Squash grows into a  fascinating range of shapes, sizes, and colors with our collection of squash seeds. From the traditional pumpkin to exotic flying saucer-like squashes, our selection includes both winter and summer varieties, each with its unique appeal.

Easy to grow from seed, these plants are perfect for those with ample garden space or a knack for keeping their squash trained and in check. Start your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse for the best results, and enjoy the versatility and vibrant colors of home-grown squash.

Our seeds cater to every gardening style, ensuring a delightful and bountiful harvest that will intrigue and satisfy the entire family.

Squash Seeds

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Honey Bear F1

10 Seeds per packet

Sweet tasting. Long Growing.

Price £1.40
In stock

This award-winning miniature acorn squash is the perfect size for a single serving (halved) of sweet, starchy goodness. Grill it, sauté it, bake it or soup it for a delightful taste of Autumn once the days get shorter.


10 Seeds per packet

Long storing for 9+ months

Price £0.99
In stock

Easy to grow and an excellent keeper, Butternut squash is an attractive winter squash with a sweet taste and excellent texture. Delicious roasted or baked, and amazing in soups.

Crown Prince F1

5 Seeds per packet

Will store for 3 months

Price £1.25
In stock

As beautiful as it is delectable, this tasty little winter squash will keep well more than 3 months if stored properly.

Sweet Dumpling

10 Seeds per packet

Sweet tasting. Will only store for a month

Price £1.15
In stock

A small, versatile squash that can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. Perfect for baking or roasting.

How do you grow squash from seeds? To grow squash from seeds, start by sowing them indoors or in a heated greenhouse, ideally from the end of March. Once the seedlings have four true leaves, transplant them to their final growing positions outdoors after the last frost, making sure to harden them off for a couple of weeks beforehand.

What's the difference between summer and winter squash varieties? Summer squash varieties are harvested while the skin is still tender and eaten shortly after harvesting. Winter squash has a harder skin, is harvested when fully mature, and can be stored and eaten during the winter months, making them excellent for longer storage.

Can squash seeds be sown directly into the garden? Yes, squash seeds can be sown directly into the garden, but this should be done after the danger of late frosts has passed. Direct sowing results in a later crop compared to starting seeds indoors or in a greenhouse.