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Spinach Seeds

Spinach, one of the most nutritious greens in the garden, can be effortlessly grown all year round with our premium spinach seeds. This ideal crop provides a steady supply of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and essential nutrients.

Perfect for both salads when young and cooked dishes, our seeds are suitable for planting in both vegetable patches and containers. They offer good bolting resistance, making them a great choice for the UK climate.

Easy to grow, our spinach seeds are perfect for beginner gardeners, ensuring you always have a supply of fresh, healthy greens, especially when other vegetables are in short supply. Cultivate your garden with our spinach seeds for a constant supply of this superfood.

Spinach Seeds

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Red Kitten F1

100 Seeds per packet

Slow Bolting. Ideal for baby leaf

Price £0.99
In stock

A lovely spinach with glossy green leaves and red veins. A slow-bolting, mid-early producer ideal for baby leaf production.

Giant Winter

1000 Seeds per packet

Very cold hardy

Price £0.99
In stock

A cold-hardy, flavourful, over-wintering heirloom that can be used for either baby or full-size.

Viroflay Spinach Seeds

250 Seeds per packet

Huge Leaves, Spring & Winter

Price £0.99
In stock

Also known as the 'Monstrueux de Viroflay,’ this French classic has huge leaves, a splendid taste, and does great in fall and winter gardens.


250 Seeds per packet

High yields. Easy to grow.

Price £0.99
In stock

Spinach Medania produces a high yield of dark green leaves. It is very easy to grow and very reliable variety of spinach.

Amador F1

200 Seeds per packet

Can be sown & grown all year!

Price £1.49
In stock

A smooth variety with a dark green colour to the leaf. Very strong bolting resistance making this excelent for growing all year.

How do you grow spinach from seeds? To grow spinach from seeds, sow them directly into the planting site from May to October. Ensure regular watering, especially in hot weather, to prevent bolting. Spinach is easy to grow and can be harvested from March to September the following year.

Can spinach be grown in containers? Yes, spinach can be successfully grown in containers, making it a versatile option for those with limited garden space. It's important to ensure adequate watering and sufficient space for the plants to thrive.

What are the health benefits of eating spinach? Spinach is a superfood loaded with nutrients, including multiple vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. It is beneficial for bone health, muscle function, and providing essential vitamins for overall wellbeing. It can be eaten fresh in salads or cooked.