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Red Kitten F1 Spinach Seeds
  • Red Kitten F1 Spinach Seeds

Red Kitten F1

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A lovely spinach with glossy green leaves and red veins. A slow-bolting, mid-early producer ideal for baby leaf production.


    Spinacia oleracea


    50 Days


    Hardy Annual


    Hybrid (F1)

  • Plant Size

    Height Up To 20cm (7.9in) Spread Up To 20cm (7.9in)

  • Hardiness & Longevity

    Hardy Annual

  • Ideal For

    Patio Kitchen Garden

  • Position In

    Sun Or Semi Shade Dappled Shade


Red Kitten F1 Spinach Seeds

Delicious and pretty, Red Kitten spinach will grace any salad with added tenderness, flavour, and colour. Growing upright with uniform, smooth leaves, Red Kitten can be used both for baby leaf production (in the spring) or full size bunching (fall/winter). Since this variety is slow bolting, you can continue successive plantings of it well into the early months of summer.

Resistant to Downy Mildew races 1-13.

Common Questions

Can you grow Spinach from seeds? Spinach thrives in cooler weather and shorter days to it's usually best to start sowing in the Autumn for most vegetable gardeners. Plant your spinach seeds 1 inch apart in rows 15 inches apart and make sure to cover with 1/2 inch of soil. 

How long does it take for Spinach seeds to germinate? Spinach seeds tend to germinate in around nine days. To speed up the germination process you can soak your seeds in room temperature water for 24 hours, before placing them in an airtight container and keeping in a cool place for 6 days.

Does Spinach need full sun to grow from seeds? Spinach seeds love cooler weather and can produce high yields of leaves in a short time. Your Spinach plant will prefer full sun but can still offer a very nice harvest from the partial shade as long as the temperatures remain the same.

Sow and Harvest Times


Product Features

Germination Time
7 - 10 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Days to Maturity
50 Days
Number of Seeds Per Packet
Recommended Soil pH
5.0 - 7.0


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