All information here is related to PRE ORDERS & Dispatch information in relation to dates.

Winter Onion Sets

Senshyu Yellow Onion Sets AND Red Winter Onion Sets now dispatch from the 1st week of October. We used to dispatch for September however recent years September has been far too warm to plant which can affect the crop. So all winter onion sets now dispatch from the 1st week of October and is processed in date order i.e Earliest order to Last order. Your onion set will arrive please be patient.

Snowball Onion Sets dispatch the LAST week of October to the First week of November. You can not sow these any sooner so we do not dispatch them any earlier.

Senshyu Onion Sets have been dispatched

Red Winter & Snowball Onion Sets

We know you are really keen to get these in the ground however the weather this year has not gone in our favour and we are delayed lifting these sets for dispatch. The weather has been far too warm of late to plant these any earlier - we are monitoring the situation and as the weather temperatures start to drop we will be dispatching these shortly.

You have not missed the growing season, due to the temperature changes the warmer weather would have affected the growth of both Red Winter & Snowball onion sets.

Stock will be arriving shortly.

These are currently being packed and dispatched 15/12/2021 they will be with you very shortly, sorry for the delay as outlined above we have waited for the temperature to shift. Your order will be with you very soon!

Spring Onion Sets

Sturon Onion Sets AND Red Karmen Onion sets dispatch from the end of February to Mid April while stocks last. We do not dispatch orders before or after these time frames.

Shallot Sets

Red Sun Shallots dispatch from the end of February to Mid April while stocks last. We do not dispatch orders before or after these time frames.

Eschalote Shallots dispatch from 1st week of October until December. We do not dispatch these shallots after this date they are for winter planting only.

Again for Onion Sets & Shallots please be patient we do not sell the same quality onion set you can find in Wilko! Just because they have stock on display now does not mean they are ready to go in the ground.


All garlic is dispatched from Mid October UNTIL March while stocks last. Demand has been high for garlic in recent years so availability can be limtied.

Garlic is dispatching from 15th of October in DATE order.

Why can you pre order?

We allow people to order garlic and onion sets to secure stock sometimes 4-6 months in advance for peace of mind that you have stock set to one side and is waiting on delivery once they are ready to leave our warehouse.


If you have ordered seeds please check the product page for relevant dispatch times.