Onion Sets - September 2020

Senshyu Yellow & Red Winter Onion sets are all NOW in stock. We are dispatching orders in date ordered. This means if you have pre ordered your winter onion sets in March your order will be dispatched ahead of someone who PRE ORDERED in August. We will get to you as quickly as we can and expect all pre orders to have been delivered before the 25th of September. 

Please note if your seeds have not arrived ahead of your PRE ORDER these will be included with your order and dispatched as one order. 

It's still a little warm to be planting your onion sets at the moment for best results please keep your onion sets in a cool location and plant towards the end of September. Of course you can get them in the ground now however we do recommend holding off if at all possible! 

Garlic- September 2020

It's a little early to be dispatching Garlic yet hopefully this will be dispatching within the next few weeks. 

20th September Garlic is now dispatching - it is being dispatched in order date meaning if you pre ordered in June your order will be arriving shortly, orders in September will be arriving in around a week or two we will get to you as quickly as we can. Just a note: It is still warm to be planting out garlic now at the moment we would suggest keeping your garlic in a cool dark room and start to plant outside from the second week of October.