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Composting is a natural and environmentally friendly process that turns organic materials into nutrient-rich, humus-like material called compost. It involves the decomposition of organic matter, such as kitchen scraps, yard waste, and other biodegradable materials, into a valuable soil conditioner and fertilizer.

Use the processed compost from food scraps or leaf mould to create the perfect nutrient-rich planting medium!

Composting tools & accessories to help create perfect planting soil!

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3 x Composting Sacks

Width: 40cm, Height: 70cm.

Perfect for leaf mould production

Price £8.95
In stock

Composting Sacks are entirely biodegradable. We recommend using these sacks with leaves to create leaf mould

Easy Garden Sieve

Folds away after use

Shake & Sieve system!

Price £9.99
In stock

Tired of the backbreaking work that comes with traditional soil sifting? Our Garden Sieve is here to change the game, making your gardening tasks a breeze.

Compost Tumbler

160-litre capacity
Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Price £59.95
Stock due end of November

Introducing Our Compost Tumbler: Your Sustainable Solution for Rich, Homemade Compost

When the compost is ready, it will have a dark, crumbly texture, a pleasant earthy smell, and no recognizable bits of the original materials. This finished compost is a valuable soil amendment that improves soil structure, provides essential nutrients to plants, and helps retain moisture.

Composting is an eco-friendly practice that not only reduces waste but also enriches soil, promotes healthy plant growth, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. It's a sustainable way to manage organic waste and contribute to a more environmentally conscious and productive garden or landscape.