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Due to increased demand on our free seeds for schools we have had to make some changes to our promotion and offering. We can simply no longer keep up with demand or answer all of the emails and queries we get on a daily basis.

We do try to reply to you all, but sadly we can't reply to everyone.

Since starting the seed for schools program back in 2018 we have donated over £50,000 worth of seeds, bulbs, gardening equipment and compost. All of this is funded by us here at Growseed.

From 2023 we will be introducing a new seeds for school program.

Applications for this year 2022 are now closed please come back and apply in 2023 we will be offering fixed grants, support, packages and new support programs for gardens, green spaces, education resources and more!

We will also be introducing new ranges of products and packages to help a greater range of schools and specialty schools that may require seeds and plants for sensory environments. This is not the end of the free seeds for schools, just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

Thanks to all who have applied and thanks to everyone who we have been able to help and support over the past 4 years.

Many Thanks

Growseed Team & Family

We are pleased to introduce our free seeds for school project. From class science projects, school garden clubs or a class activity we are more than happy to provide your school free seeds. Where possible a link in return to Growseed would be great but not required to take part.

Please NOTE we are unable to offer this to home schooling, clubs or anyone or any project outside of the education system. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for a reply as demand is very high as you can imagine. We are unable to provide each child a packet of seed unless other wise stated, seed packets are normally to the value of £10.

School Science Projects

If your looking to run an experiment in class to show the children how seeds germinate or sprout then we can send out a packet of broad bean seeds or pea seeds. These are ideal to see a clear root / develop from the seed, very easy to handle and no seed treatment has been applied so safe for teachers and students to touch. 

School Garden Clubs

We can provide a host of vegetable seeds to suit any needs you may have here at Growseed we offer two standard vegetable seed collections but your free to request alternative or different seed, just let us know what you require!

Young Children and Primary School 3 - 8 year olds

We provide simple large seeds. This collection includes: Broad Beans, Peas, Pumpkin & Squash and Sunflower seeds. All of these seeds are a good size for tiny fingers to pick up and handle no need to worry about tiny seeds getting lost or dropped in the wrong area.

Primary School & Comprehensive Ages 8+

This packet is made up of seeds a little bit smaller and not so easy to handle try to pick up one single seed at a time with your fingers can be a bit of a task! This collection includes: Onion, Carrot, Cauliflower, Leek, Squash & Pumpkin, Peas and Sunflower seeds.

Send us a message on the contact us page. Let us know what requirements you have and your seeds will be in the post.

Please note as this is a seed for school promotion we can only deliver to a School address. This is open to all schools within the UK. We need your address to provide the seeds, no address and we can not post sorry! Offer is open provided you are willing to share our website on the schools green/gardening page and or share a social media post!