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Turnips are truly one of the most versatile vegetables available to the British gardener. Once sown, they can be left to grow and mature or harvested at a younger stage. They can be enjoyed cooked or eaten raw, and as a bonus, the top of the plant can be enjoyed like spring greens. A very forgiving vegetable to grow, turnips are perfect for first-time gardeners!

Sweetbell F1

100 Seeds per packet

Fast Growing in under 7 weeks


A countryside staple. Great raw or cooked, Sweetbell turnips have an exceptionally sweet...


1000 Seeds per packet

Harvest early to roast. Later for salads.


Also known as “White Egg,” this turnip sports a lovely, tennis-ball-sized root that is...

Purple Top Milan

1000 Seeds per packet

Excellent taste. Early spring sowing.


A popular Italian variety, Milan Purpletop turnips produce excellent yields of succulent roots...