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Turnip Seeds

Explore the versatility of turnips with our premium selection of turnip seeds, a staple for any British gardener. These nutritious root vegetables are not only easy to grow but also forgiving, making them perfect for first-time gardeners.

Whether left to mature or harvested young, turnips offer a range of culinary uses. Enjoy them cooked in hearty winter meals, such as traditional hotpots and Sunday roasts, or savor them raw for a crisp, fresh taste.

The leaves of the turnip plant are an added bonus, delicious when enjoyed like spring greens. With minimal space requirements and adaptability to various recipes, our turnip seeds are an essential addition to your winter garden.

Cultivate your own turnips with Growseed's high-quality seeds and bring the sweet, healthy flavors of this versatile vegetable to your table this winter.

Turnip Seed Packets

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Sweetbell F1

100 Seeds per packet

Fast growing, under 7 weeks

Price £0.99
In stock

A countryside staple. Great raw or cooked, Sweetbell turnips have an exceptionally sweet flavour and a firm, crisp texture.

Purple Top Milan

1000 Seeds per packet

Excellent taste, early Spring sowing.

Price £0.95
In stock

A popular Italian variety, Milan Purpletop turnips produce excellent yields of succulent roots that are white beneath the purple top.


1000 Seeds per packet

Harvest early to roast, later for salads.

Price £0.99
In stock

Also known as “White Egg,” this turnip sports a lovely, tennis-ball-sized root that is sweet, tender, and startlingly white.

How do you grow turnips from seeds? To grow turnips from seeds, sow them thinly in moist soil within shallow furrows no more than 1cm deep. Thin the seedlings to 15 cm apart and maintain a distance of 30 cm between rows. For early sowing, use cloches or fleece for protection.

Can turnip leaves be eaten, and how do they taste? Yes, turnip leaves can be eaten and are a delicious part of the plant. The leaves can be steamed and offer a taste as delightful as the root itself. They are a nutritious addition to any meal.

What are the benefits of growing turnips in a vegetable patch? Growing turnips in a vegetable patch offers several benefits. They are easy to cultivate, require little space, and are a healthy, sweet addition to your diet. Turnips are versatile in cooking, perfect for winter meals, and contribute to a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.