Broad Beans

Broad Bean Seeds string(1) "3"

A sensational taste when fresh from the garden or allotment. Sow in autumn and your first harvest will be ready around May. Broad beans are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. Young broad beans are incredibly sweet and tender making them ideal as a summer snack or treat while working on the plot.

Broad beans can be enjoyed hot or cold. We prefer to use our broad beans in a nice hot curry! Very easy to grow and handle anyone can grow we advice to avoid sowing direct because mice and other pests in the winter will love broad bean seeds as much as you do eating them! We always advise starting off your beans in pots or trays and transplant to ground later to ensure a rodent free germination! 



The Karmazyn broad bean is an unusual, pink-seeded gourmet bean. Popular in Eastern Europe for...