Greenhouse Seeds

A collection of seeds to grow in the Greenhouse string(1) "2"

Our greenhouse seeds have been selected specifically for greenhouse growing. Find all the typical seeds to grow in the greenhouse or poly tunnel from aubergine, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes as well as tailored growing kits for you to get started with with. Of course your greenhouse can be productive all year not just during the warmer months. 

Use your greenhouse to grow lettuce, carrots, radish, spring onions and more all year round.



This fiery hot pepper made Tabasco sauce famous. Great for seasoning any spicy-hot dish and...



Ivory Eggplant is a beautiful miniature eggplant, producing a heavy crop of pure white fruits...



A compact, spineless eggplant ideal for container and patio gardening. A prolific producer...



An easy to grow hot pepper, Jalapeños are one of the most popular peppers grown in the US and...