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Sprinkler Bar for Watering Can
  • Sprinkler Bar for Watering Can

Sprinkler Bar

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Ranging from 10cm to 50cm, it fits all watering can spouts up to 30mm in diameter, ideal for applying liquid fertilizers and chemicals with precision.



Sprinkler Bar for Precision Feeding

Adjustable Sprinkler Bar, designed to deliver precise application of liquid fertilizers, pesticides, or other garden chemicals. Whether you're tending to a small patio garden or a sprawling vegetable patch, this versatile tool ensures your plants receive the right amount of care exactly where they need it.

Fully Adjustable Length: Our Sprinkler Bar extends from a compact 10cm (4 inches) to a generous 50cm (20 inches), giving you flexibility to cover different areas of your garden with ease. Adjust the length to suit your needs, whether you're watering closely planted rows or broad, open beds.

Universal Adaptor: Equipped with a universal adaptor, this Sprinkler Bar fits securely onto any watering can with a spout diameter of up to 30mm. This compatibility makes it a perfect addition to any gardener's toolkit, regardless of the watering can brand you use.

Controlled Application: Designed for efficiency, the Sprinkler Bar allows for a controlled and even distribution of liquid fertilizers and chemicals. This precision minimizes waste and ensures that your plants get the optimal amount of nutrients or treatment. The even spread helps in covering larger areas quickly, making your gardening tasks more efficient and effective.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, Growseed's Sprinkler Bar is built to last. Its robust design withstands regular use and exposure to various garden chemicals, ensuring it remains a reliable tool in your garden care arsenal.

Easy to Use: Installation is simple and hassle-free. Just attach the Sprinkler Bar to your watering can’s spout using the universal adaptor, adjust the length as needed, and you’re ready to go. This user-friendly design means you can start enhancing your garden care routine immediately.


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