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Microgreen Seed Kit
  • Microgreen Seed Kit

Microgreen Seed Kit

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Ready to harvest within 30 days, can be grown on any window sill on any growing medium. High in nutrients, vitamins and minerals everything you need to keep you fighting fit.



Microgreens are classed as a superfood because they contain very high levels of vitamins, nutrients and minerals when compared it’s fully grown counterpart. Microgreens are packed full of vitamins such as vitamin A,B,C, E and K and essential minerals such as Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc.

Can be grown on a wide range of mediums. From soil to Paper Towel!

Introduced by request and popular demand our 30 – 60 day crop kit has been created for the resurgence of the dig for victory campaign during the difficult times we are all facing at the moment.

If you want to start growing your own food due to panic buying or lack of vegetables during the current 2020 COVID-19 crisis or should you wish to limit your footprint on the environment and only eat in season vegetables. Or perhaps you just want to grow your own and not have your sprayed in a range of chemicals.

Our Microgreen seed kit includes:

Beet Leaf Blood Red
Beetroot Golden
Herb Red Basil
Pea Shoots
Sprouting Sunflower Shoots
Sprouting Beetroot
Sprouting Broccoli
Sprouting Carrot
Sprouting Oriental Cabbage
Sprouting Red Cabbage
Sprouting Onion

Perfect combination for any dish, can be enjoyed with a salad, in a sandwich, sprinkled on an omelette or enjoyed with any meat or fish dish. First harvest can be taken after 28 days once first true leaf’s have been established cut at the base of the stem just above soil level. Ensure to wash microgreens before serving.

Please note that seeds maybe replaced depending on stock levels and availability. All seeds are sealed in a plastic / foil based packaging as long as you keep these away from direct sunlight and sudden temperature changes seed viability will remain for at least 12-18months.

After that germination is expected to drop between 10-20% yearly depending on conditions. Ideal long term storage is 2c.


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