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Cover Crop Green Mix
  • Cover Crop Green Mix

Cover Crop Green Mix

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A rapidly establishing, high biomass, mix for ground cover and nitrogen fixation. Comprising 60% Rye, 30% Vetch, and 10% Mustard

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Cover Crop Green Mix Seed

The described mixture is a strategically designed blend of plant species intended to provide rapid ground cover and nitrogen fixation in agricultural fields or gardens. Comprising 60% Rye, 30% Vetch, and 10% Mustard, this mix is carefully proportioned to maximize its benefits.

Rapid Establishment

Rye, being the majority component of the mix, is known for its quick germination and vigorous growth. It establishes a dense vegetative cover rapidly after sowing, which is crucial for controlling soil erosion and suppressing weeds effectively.

High Biomass Production

The combination of Rye, Vetch, and Mustard creates a mix that yields a substantial amount of plant material. This high biomass production is beneficial for multiple reasons, including improving soil structure, adding organic matter, and contributing to better soil fertility.

Nitrogen Fixation

Vetch, constituting 30% of the mix, is a leguminous plant known for its ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere through a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria present in its root nodules. This process enriches the soil with nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plant growth.

Seasonal Flexibility

This mix is versatile and can be sown during various seasons—spring, summer, or autumn. This adaptability allows for flexibility in planting based on the specific requirements of the farming or gardening cycle.

Optimal Sowing Rate

The recommended sowing rate of 20 kg/acre (equivalent to 5 grams/square meter) is carefully determined to achieve the desired ground cover and biomass production without overcrowding. Overcrowding could lead to competition for resources, while under-planting might not provide adequate coverage and benefits.

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