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Microgreen Kit
  • Microgreen Kit

Microgreen Kit

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Our kit comes with a standard Growseed salad green mix which includes Mizuna, Komatsuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale. Including shallow tray, seeds and soil. All you need to do is add water!



Microgreen Kit

A microgreen is young vegetable green that is used for both flavour and visual enhancements by chefs in fine dining restaurants. Not to be confused with baby leaf crops microgreens are normally harvested sooner and are around half the size of a baby leaf crop.

Growing microgreens has taken off by storm over in the USA and little is known or grown here in the UK but here is your chance to grow your own superfood.

Microgreens are classed as a superfood because they contain very high levels of vitamins, nutrients and minerals when compared it’s fully grown counterpart. Microgreens are packed full of vitamins such as vitamin A,B,C, E and K and essential minerals such as Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc.

Not just for visual enhancements microgreens can be enjoyed in salads, smoothies, sandwiches, side dishes and more.

Grow your own Microgreen Kit

Now’s your chance to grow your own microgreens – our kit comes with everything you need a shallow tray, soil and seeds all you need to do is add water! All of our seeds come from our own stock or from carefully selected partners all seed is GMO free and is organic making it safe to consume at earlier growth.

Our kit comes with a standard Growseed salad green mix which includes Mizuna, Komatsuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale.

Most vegetables provide a diverse array of nutrients, however the microgreen version of these vegetables contain a wide and varied nutrient profile and can help boost vitamin and mineral intake quickly and easily. The journal of agriculture and food chemistry say that microgreens contained up to 40 times (40x) more nutrients by weight than their fully grown counterparts.

You can purchase other verities from our microgreen range such as (to follow)

Common Micogreen growing questions:

Can you grow microgreens in a plant pot?

Sure! The only difference is you will need to use a little bit more compost depending on the size of the pot. Any 7cm, 9cm or 13cm plant pot will do any larger and you will be better off using a tray or narrow tray simply because of the space required and amount of soil you will need to fill a pot.

Can you grow microgreens on a windowsill?

Yes! You don’t need an allotment, a garden or any outdoor space microgreen’s can be grown all year right on your windowsill. Any windowsill will do – the kitchen is better as you can harvest when ready and consume there and then.

Are microgreen seeds just the same as normal seeds?

Yes and No. You can use any seed to grow microgreens as long as it’s an organic seed some non-organic seeds can be treated and are not always labelled as such. If you fail to remove the seed husk and consume a treated version, it could cause some harm.

When can you harvest microgreens?

When the seeds have sprouted, have leaves and are around 5-7cm in length take a sharp knife and cut the stems just 1-2mm or a little above soil level. You can eat the leaves and stems combined. Just give them a little wash before you eat to remove any excess dirt.

Microgreens can be used as a garnish to add extra flavour to meals and a little colour depending on what you grow they make a nice accompaniment to fish. Or alternatively, you can enjoy mixed into salads or as a stand-alone salad.


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