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30ltr Plant Pot
  • 30ltr Plant Pot

30ltr Bucket

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These buckets make growing potatoes super easy! Each pot will hold 2-4 seed potatoes depending on the variety and come harvest simply turn the bucket over.

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30ltr Plant Pot (Potato Pot)

Our 30ltr plant pots (buckets) are becoming one of the fastest ways to grow potatoes not only that but having a large plant pot on hand makes growing a second crop of potatoes for Christmas even easier! Each bucket will hold 2-4 seed potatoes depending on the variety. 

Simply place a few inches of soil at the bottom of the bucket, add your seed potatoes and cover (but do not fill the bucket) as the potato plant begins to grow cover the leafs back up so only 2 remain and keep doing this until your bucket is full, this forces the potato plant to produce a larger crop.

Growing in buckets means there is no 'earthing up' or worrying about exposing plant roots. 

No forking potatoes on harvest meaning less damaged crop.

Easier to maintain and move your crop if there is too much sun! 

When it comes to harvesting turn the bucket over and pull out the potatoes, no more forking, no more missing crop. Great yields and crop every year time and time again.

The only drawback of growing in a bucket is watering is required at a much higher level than that of potatoes grown in the ground.

Each bucket has two carry handles to make lifting and transporting very easy. The 30ltr is 40cm wide (including the rim thickness) x 32.5cm deep and a base diameter of 29.5cm

How Many Seed Potatoes Should I plant in a 30 ltr pot?

Depending on the potato variety and your personal preference on the size of the potato the choice is really up to you! In a 30ltr pot if you wish to grow a Medium size potato then go with no more than 2 seed potatoes per pot. Baby or new potatoes 3-4 seed potatoes will sit inside the 30 ltr bucket and will grow just fine. 

How to Grow Potatoes in pots?

The simplest way is to add 2-3inches of compost to the base of the 30 ltr bucket, add seed potatoes and then cover with a good quality compost or better still well-rotted manure. Once growth starts to appear then backfill just leaving one or two leaves exposed, continue doing this every time the plant grows until you reach the top.

Watering on a regular basis as being inside a bucket the soil can dry out very quickly and during hotter months it's worth moving the buckets so they are out of the midday sun.

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