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Propagator Set
  • Propagator Set

5 x Propagator Set

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Complete full size propagator set. Includes gravel tray. Plant Cells (your choice) & Plastic Lid.

How Many Cells


5 x Compelte Propagator Set

Seed Tray, Lid, and your choice of cell inserts.

Suitable for both overhead and sub-irrigation systems.

We recommend filling the seed tray with water and allowing the soil/plants to wick (absorb) the water from below rather than overhead watering this reduces soil splash as well reduces crop flooding or washing seeds away.

This method works well on warmer days and combined with the lid can help create a humid environment for the plants which is ideal for starting chili peppers, sweet peppers, and tomato seeds. With a choice of options from 4 cell strips to 50 cells, our propagator sets can be used with a wide range of flower and vegetable seeds.

The seed tray and be placed on a heated propagator pad with no risk of burning, melting or plastic deformation.

Seed Tray

Our full-sized seed trays are formed from 0.75-thick high-impact plastic (please note this is not ridged plastic)

Internal - 21.4cm wide x 34.4cm long x 5.2cm deep.
External - 24.5cm wide x 37.5cm long x 5.5cm deep.

Full size propagator lids.

Good quality Full-size propagator lids. Designed specifically to fit our Full-size seed trays. There may be some overlap with other brands of seed trays.

These lids are slightly domed at the apex.

Height: 9cm
Length: 38cm Width: 25cm

Full Sized Cell Tray Inserts

Our Cell trays are designed to fit a standard full-size gravel tray

Thin-walled inserts with drainage holes designed to fit and be supported by a standard full-size seed tray.

Each section and be separated into strips or broken away into single pots if required. Allowing for one cell tray to be used for a variety of seedlings if space is at a premium

Tray Measurements 
23cm wide x 36cm long x 5.2cm deep.

Cell Measurements.

Insert Type Dimensions (cm) Divisibility
4 Cell strip inserts 21.2 x 7.7 Divisible into 4 strips
5 Cell strip inserts 21.2 x 6.5 Divisible into 5 strips
8 Cell inserts 9.8 x 7.5 Divisible into 8 single pots
15 Cell inserts 6.5 x 6.3 Divisible into 15 single pots
20 Cell inserts 6.2 x 4.7 Divisible into 5 strips of 4 pots
24 Cell inserts 5 x 4.8 Divisible into 24 single pots
25 Cell inserts 6.2 x 3.9 Divisible into 5 strips of 5 pots
40 Cell inserts 4 x 3.8 Divisible into 4 strips of 10 pots
50 Cell inserts 3.8 x 3 Divisible into 5 strips of 10 pots


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