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Bird Netting - keep wild birds out
  • Bird Netting - keep wild birds out

Bird Netting

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Keep wild birds away from fruit, ponds or your chickens! Helps prevent the spread of bird flu!



Bird Netting

This lightweight plastic net is crafted to safeguard strawberries, blueberries, and fruit trees from invading birds, all while avoiding harm to branches or fruit. It's UV-stabilized, reusable, and eco-friendly, allowing for multiple uses.

Some common uses for bird netting on allotments:

  1. Protecting Fruit and Berry Bushes: Bird netting is often used to cover fruit and berry bushes such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and currants. It prevents birds from reaching the fruit, minimizing losses and ensuring a higher yield for allotment owners.

  2. Safeguarding Vegetable Gardens: Allotment owners use bird netting to cover vegetable patches, particularly when growing crops like peas, beans, tomatoes, and brassicas. This helps to prevent birds from feasting on young seedlings, tender shoots, or ripening produce.

  3. Preserving Soft Fruit Trees: Fruit trees like cherries, plums, and apricots are susceptible to bird damage. Bird netting draped over these trees protects the fruit during the ripening season, allowing for a more fruitful harvest.

  4. Shielding Seedbeds and Seedlings: Bird netting is used to cover seedbeds or areas where seedlings are germinating to prevent birds from plucking or disturbing the seeds and young plants. This promotes successful germination and early growth.

  5. Guarding Greenhouses and Polytunnels: Bird netting can be installed over greenhouse roofs or polytunnel structures to prevent birds from entering and causing damage to crops grown inside. It acts as a barrier while still allowing sunlight and air to reach the plants.

  6. Fencing off Entire Allotments: In some cases, bird netting is used to enclose the entire allotment area, forming a protective barrier against birds. This is especially useful for larger plots or when multiple crops are grown, providing a comprehensive bird deterrent.

  7. Deterring Birds from Compost Piles: Allotment compost piles can attract birds searching for food scraps. Placing bird netting over the compost bins or piles helps keep birds away and maintains a cleaner composting area.

Bird netting is a versatile and effective solution to safeguard crops and promote successful cultivation in allotments, aiding in protecting the investment and efforts of gardeners and growers.


Upon receiving the netting, you may observe a longer length than what you originally purchased. This is due to the packaging, where for every meter you order, you will actually receive 1.3 linear meters coiled in a snake-like manner.

The mesh pattern resembles a diamond shape initially. However, as you extend the width of the net, the diamonds transform into squares, causing the length to contract. To ascertain proper stretching, ensure the mesh holes take on a square shape.

Should you stretch the net wider than recommended, the desired length will not be achieved. Conversely, overstretching the net beyond the purchased length will result in an incorrect width.

The netting is constructed from UV-stabilized black polyethylene, boasting a lifespan of up to 10 years. It's a durable, weighted netting with a density of 30g per square meter. Importantly, this netting is bird-friendly, allowing bees to access the fruit for pollination through the ample-sized holes.

This netting is perfect for covering fruit and vegetables over garden hoops and cages. Its strength and durability make it suitable for both domestic and commercial use. It's user-friendly and pliable, offering some stretch while allowing for sag if not adequately supported at regular intervals. If uncertain about the required length, consider adding an extra meter to your purchase for peace of mind.


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