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Garden Fleece
  • Garden Fleece

Garden Fleece

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Not to be confused with the cheaper 17g fleece that rips easier than a Kleenex tissue. 1.6m x 50m Extra Thick 35gsm



Garden Fleece Frost Protection

Standard grade 35g fleece for general frost protection.

Fleece is a versatile and effective material used for frost protection in agriculture and gardening. Its primary purpose is to safeguard plants from the detrimental effects of cold temperatures and frost during chilly seasons.

Fleece acts as a barrier, creating a microclimate around the plants by trapping air and heat close to the soil and foliage. This insulation helps prevent frost damage by maintaining a slightly higher temperature, shielding delicate plant tissues from freezing.

Additionally, fleece allows sunlight to penetrate through, aiding in photosynthesis and promoting growth even in adverse weather conditions. Its lightweight and breathable nature makes it easy to handle and install, ensuring that plants receive the protection they need to thrive in challenging climates.

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