Blackcurrant (Ebony) Bush

Blackcurrant (Ebony) Bush

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By far the sweetest variety of blackcurrant available in the UK. High yields and superb flavour.



If you’re looking for an excellent addition to the outdoor allotment, you can’t go wrong with the Ebony blackcurrant. This variety give excellent yields under almost any growing conditions and has one of the sweetest blackcurrant fruits imaginable. They’re so sweet, in fact, that even a finicky eater can eat them straight from the bush just like a raspberry. In fact, this variety is best fresh, as it tends to loose some of its superb flavour once cooked.

Like the Ben Connan currant, Ebony currants are early croppers and are ready from early July onwards. The berries are large (often twice the size of other varieties) and the bush habit spreads out a bit, making the berries easy to harvest.

Blackcurrants are an excellent mid-story addition to permaculture food forests and to any poly-culture looking to incorporate perennials.

Excellent resistance to powdery mildew.

Incredible in fruit salads and sweet summer puddings!

Height and spread: 120cm (47").


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