Chard Bright Lights

Chard Bright Lights


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A stunning collection of bright colors, these chard plants were bred especially for
beauty and taste.

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[60 days] Developed by New Zealand breeder John Eaton, Bright Lights is one of the more beautiful leafy green mixes around. Colors include everything from scarlet and gold to orange, pink, and purple. All are delicious, especially when harvested young for salads. Eat like beet greens or spinach.

This variety isn’t quite as winter hardy as other chards, but can otherwise be grown year round. (Just give it a bit of protection in the winter.) It’s slow to bolt, so you don’t need to sow it very often. It also can be a prolific self-seeder, so let it go to seed and you’ll have plenty of chard volunteers coming up the following year.

An AAS winner.

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