Chantenay 2 Red Cored Carrot Seeds

Chantenay 2 Red Cored

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Great for juicing or eating fresh, and especially fantastic as a baby carrot. A great all-purpose carrot that won’t disappoint.



Chantenay 2 Red Cored Carrot Seeds

[84 days] The Red Cored Chantenay carrot is a popular, all-purpose carrot with a very sweet flavour and crisp texture. The tapered roots reach to about 8cm in length and end in a stump. The shoulders are broad, making these carrots very satisfying to pull. The short size makes this carrot a great choice for container planting, but it will grow equally well in the garden or allotment. Unlike most carrot varieties, the Chantenay will even do well in clayish soils.

This variety matures early in the season and is generally harvested from July through October.

Common Questions

Why won't my Chantenay 2 Red Cored carrot seeds germinate? Chantenay 2 Red Cored carrots usually take up to 21 days to germinate but can take even longer if the temperature of your soil is too low. The soil needs to be kept moist during the germination process to ensure success.

Can you soak carrot seeds before planting? Although Chantenay 2 Red Cored carrot seeds tend to be slow germinating, you can speed up the process by soaking your seeds in water for an hour and transfering to a damp paper towel.

Can you grow carrots in seed module trays? Sowing your carrots into modules so you can transplant later is possible, make sure you plant out when the seedlings are still small. If you leave the transplanting process too long the roots can already have reached the bottom of their pots, which can cause forked roots for your vegetable seeds in the future.

Chantenay 2 Red Cored Details

Average Germination Time
14 - 21 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Days to Maturity
75 - 95 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Overwinter Crop
Packet Seed Count
Recommended Soil pH
Suited for small space growing

Sow and Harvest Times


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